Most people are aware that energy is traded as a commodity. Some of the factors that affect energy prices are weather (people using more in colder times), demand in other countries and the availability of supply and other related commodities. On top of this, political issues relating to other countries, government commitments to energy reduction, further generation of green energy and better energy management also play a part in energy pricing.
It is now more important than ever to ensure you do not pay more than you have to for energy in businesses. OFGEM are issuing regulation and best practices for both energy suppliers and third party intermediaries (TPIs or better known as energy brokers).
As energy is traded every working day, prices will frequently change, sometimes dramatically. Many businesses are unaware that you can buy your energy well before you actually use it (in some cases, years in advance). This can give budget certainty and peace of mind about further energy volatility.

Why wait until the very last moment (when you have less choice) to agree your energy contracts?